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Tabitha Emma

Brand Gram Interactive E-book Journal (Digital Download)

Brand Gram Interactive E-book Journal (Digital Download)

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Branding your instagram is about so much more than making it looking pretty. It's about creating a brand experience on Instagram where people can connect more deeply with your brand. It's about making your memorable and recognisable to build trust, establish and demonstrate your values, set the tone for what you offer, build community and allow people to get a more personal insight into your brand.

What if Instagram could be your greatest brand advocate?

With the 'Brand Gram' e-book you can create an account that reflects your brand message and style and creates a deeper connection with your audience with ease.




Instagram is the place where you are sharing things daily, and talking to your audience daily, and so it can become the place people can fully emerge themselves in your brand's message and what you have to offer as well as being able to keep in touch with their current needs which will build community and loyalty around your brand.

Instagram is an amazing way to share your brand story and all the aspects of your brand.

There are so many aspects to branding. Things like story, emotions, values, connection, experience and aspiration.
So to have a platform that is both visual and uses copy and video in a casual, friendly easy to connect and interact with way makes for a wonderful place to showcase your brand and really connect with your audience in a deeper way.

In this e book, we will explore how to not only keep your Instagram visuals on brand, but how to create a deeper connection with your audience and share every aspect of your brand identity.

In this ebook you will learn...

✨ How to lay down strong foundations on Instagram, so you have a consistent brand style and voice.

✨ Create a consistent and cohesive brand look, feel and experience on your account to make you stand out and be memorable and recognisable.

✨ Get clear on how your brand can show up with empathy, have an impact and bring value .

✨ Connect with your audience on a deeper and more meaningful level.

✨ How to let your personality shine through, so your audience can connect with you.

✨ Create images that set the tone and feel of your brand as well as share your world with your audience.

✨ Create graphics that communicate, educate, entertain, inspire and inform your audience.

✨ Plan your feed to make it visually appealing and make a good first impression.

✨ How to use words to create a deeper connection with your audience and build your brands personality.

120 Pages of Instagram Branding Tips, Examples, Resources, Prompts and Guidance.

1. BRAND FOUNDATIONS -Lay down strong brand foundations to set your account up.

2. WHAT DOES YOUR BRAND BRING TO INSTAGRAM- Get clear on what you bring to Instagram and how you can show empathy, have impact and bring value.

3. BRAND VALUES AND EMPATHIC BRANDING- Connect with your audience on a deeper, meaningful level.

4. BRAND PERSONALITY- Let your personality shine through, to connect.

5. BRAND IMAGERY- Create images that set the tone and feel of your brand as well as create connection.

6. BRAND GRAPHICS- Graphics that communicate, educate, entertain, inspire and inform.

7. VISUAL FEED PLANNING- Plan your feed to make it visually appealing.

8. BRAND VOICE AND CAPTIONS- Create connection with your words.

9. CONSIDER EVERY TOUCH POINT- Create a complete consistent branded experience

10. EDITING AND APPS- Resources to help you create.



WHAT IS INCLUDED IN MY PURCHASE? A 120 page pdf ebook, which you can download and save on your computer or print off. It can be used interactively on Acrobat, Goodnotes or Notability.

WHAT DOES INTERACTIVE MEAN? The pdf includes links, clickable side tabs to get to sections quickly, boxes that can by typed in and areas to upload images. How you interact will depend on the pdf reader you use. And the ebook comes with a guide on how to use it.

WILL THIS HELP ME GROW MY FOLLOWERS? The focus of this ebook is not how to grow your followers, but rather create deeper more meaningful connections and a memorable branded experience. This will likely lead to more followers but the ebook does not include growth strategies.

WILL THE EBOOK HELP ME WORK OUT MY BRANDING? While this ebook doesn't take you through the full branding process, it does provide tips and advice to put together your branding, if you need some help with it.



PRODUCT SELLERS Yes! If you sell handmade products, products for another company or curate a collection of products to sell, and use Instagram to promote your brand and to connect with and attract your audience, this ebook will help you create a beautiful account to help you sell and attract.

SERVICE BASED CREATIVES Yes! If you offer a service either online or offline and use Instagram to share your brand, this ebook will help you create a beautiful account to share your expertise and be seen as an authority and trusted professional.

COURSE AND DIGITAL PRODUCT CREATORS Yes! If you are promoting digital products online, this ebook will help you create an Instagram account to help you positioning you as an expert and leader.

BLOGGERS AND INFLUENCERS? Yes! You want to get your content out there and seen by the right people. This ebook will help you build an instagram account that will attract the right people to your content and create a branded experience.


Note: Due to the instant nature of this transaction, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges. If you have any problems with the download or file, please contact me and I’ll do anything I can to help you.

You cannot share, redistribute, resell, transfer, reproduce or give away to others even if you have made modifications

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